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I'm putting up whole fandoms now - streaming off my website

I'm attempting to convert whole fandoms of my videos into streaming.  The videos are of higher quality than the versions on YouTube, and no ads!  You can also easily download any that appeal.  To date I've basically finished putting up:

Boston Legal - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/blsong.htm
Buffy - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/buffysong.htm
Cadfael - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/cadfaelsong.htm
Farscape - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/farscapesong.htm
Get Smart - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/gssong.htm
House - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/housesong.htm
Man from Uncle - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/munclesong.htm
Miami Vice - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/mvsong.htm
Professionals - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/prosong.htm
Sherlock Holmes - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/hwsong.htm
Star Wars - http://www.iment.com/maida/tv/songvids/swsong.htm

Best,  Mary
blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

Another Farscape Video - Rock Me on the Water - Jackson Browne

Rock Me on the Water - Jackson Browne
Moya and Zhaan

There's also a new playlist for Joseph Blanchard pieces, which include Fine Arts, Animals and the People who Love Them, Sea Creatures, etc.

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

Another Farscape Video - The Captain - Leonard Cohen

The Captain - Leonard Cohen
Bialar Crais and John Crichton

This is why I call my videos Literary Song Videos.  Cohen's lyrics are quite obscure and I've spent a long time trying to find a fandom that could carry this song. The dam finally cracked when I realized that I could use the dying clone John and the living clone John as The Captain to lay off against Crais being called on to carry John's burden.  This is definitely a living room video, a term I came up with in 1985 when I used to stand in the back of the Creation Con auditoriums to watch the audience react to my videos.  I graduated to using physical/literary connections for videos showing there, and called the ones that wouldn't work with big audiences Living Room Videos because you needed to watch and rewatch them at home to make the literary connections, which were frequently deeply layered.  This one is complicated, but worth it, I think.  And I LOVE the music.  Best, Mary