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Experimenting with streaming off my website

I'm experimenting with streaming a few videos off my website that aren't on YouTube.  Not sure what the volume the site can handle is, but these experiments should give us the information. This one is for Dr Who.  I'd appreciate hearing how it goes for you.  The video is downloadable, and I won't guarantee how long I keep it up as I keep experimenting.  What I like about doing it is that I can get higher quality videos than YouTube allows.

Dr Who - mixed doctors - Jurassic Park - 'Weird Al' Yankovic


VID: If I Ever Leave This World Alive (Doctor Who, Twelfth & Thirteenth Doctor)

title If I Ever Leave This World Alive
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: Twelve, Thirteen, One (with guest appearances from Bill, Clara et al)
music: If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly
summary: Wherever I am, you'll always be / More than just a memory
content notes: Two bright white flashes at 0:39 seconds in
link: dreamwidth / livejournal
blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

A bunch of memorial videos up in my New Years Playlist - Alan Rickman, John Hurt, etc.

Galaxy Quest - Alan Rickman Memorial - Auld Lang Syne - Stephen Bishop

Dr Who - Sir John Hurt Memorial - Auld Lang Syne - Mitch Miller

Blakes 7 - Gareth Thomas Memorial - Auld Lang Syne - Susan Boyle

And a bunch of older ones.
blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

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Four new songs for DS9:
  Cowboy in Me - Tim McGraw - Garak's harder side - 238 MB; 37 MB
  Be Still - The Fray - Garak/Bashir - 241 MB; 26 MB
  We are Okay - Joshua Radin - Garak/Bashir - 168 MB; 25 MB

   Song for my Father - Jane Olivor - Dukat and his daughter Ziyal - 241 MB; 37 MB

Obviously, Garak is my current passion.


All the vids going up to YouTube are organized by fandom on playlists.  So far the only major loss seems to be that we can't put up BBC Sherlock videos.  Otherwise, it's the usual blocking of specific music.


The whole set of videos can still be downloaded at:


Since I'm going public, I'm going to start collapsing together the two shadow pages - the fandom part - keepthissecret - and the public part - tv.  What it means to you practically is that some of the more explicit songs won't be visible unless you remember the keepthissecret url.  Ask me if you have any questions.  But I'm going to start referencing the videos by the public name until I am given a reason not to.

Currently 129 videos up on YouTube.  Don't have high quality access to older videos right now except in the mp2 versions for downloading on our site.  YouTube would degrade our mp2s into mp4s.  They would have taken our mp4s directly, but we had made our mp4s small for ease of downloading.  Right now we're using what movs we have to create large mp4s to send to YouTube, so the YouTube versions are excellent.  We're looking into whether we can get back into the older projects on the older system, but we're not there yet.  Lots of Blakes 7 (42), Dr Who (28) and Professionals (17) , though not all of any fandom.

Please let me know what you think.  Best, Mary

We're finally doing it - putting some vids on YouTube

Paul has been finally convinced that the new YouTube policies that give ad money to copyright holders makes it safe enough to finally try putting some videos up.  We just got the channel up and are still rank innocents in all this.  Don't know if we're screwing anything up, and all suggestions greatly recommended.

Some vids can't go up, like Don Henley's "Boys of Summer," but I'm grateful that some seem to be acceptable to them.

So please make suggestions, give advice and encouragement, and recommend videos that HAVE to be up there.




Mary Van Deusen
blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

A new Dr. Who fanvid - Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Perry Como

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

A new Dr. Who fanvid - Home for the Holidays, Garth Brooks

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

A new Dr. Who fanvid - Father Christmas, Susan Boyle