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Vidding Instruction

I'm looking for up-to-date how-to guides for vidding on a Mac. Everything I'm finding is very old, at least for fan vid-specific instructions. I'm planning to learn Adobe Premiere. I've been using Final Cut Express, but it isn't compatible with the newest Mac OS. I'm not tech savvy, so the more detailed and specific, the better.

Is the current version of iMovie any good for making fan vids? I've never tried to use it.
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2 Festivids: The Defiant Ones and Colombiana, by cupidsbow

Two festivids...

Title: We Must Be Killers, Livejournal or Dreamwidth
Vidder: cupidsbow
Sources: The Defiant Ones; We Must be Killers by Mikky Ekko.
Pairing: Cullen/Jackson
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Fast cuts, flashes, violence.
Summary: Chained together by fate, tied together by friendship.

Extra: The Making of "We Must Be Killers", in which I discuss the colourisation process I used.

Title: Not Afraid, Livejournal or Dreamwidth
Vidder: cupidsbow
Sources: Colombiana; Not Afraid by GJan.
Characters: Cataleya & Emilio
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Fast cuts, flashes, violence.
Summary: Vengeance is a harsh mistress.
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Vidding Tech Wiki (wip): vidtech.info

Some of you may remember a while back I asked if people wanted me to write any new guides for various techy things.

Well, I've been doing that (a little bit, at least) but rather than posting them on LJ/DW or whatever I've been putting them on a wiki... a Vidding Tech Wiki! I figure if I continued to do this for long enough, it might become actually useful.


This is *really* *really* early stages. It has a few random guides, some WIP stuff and some placeholders for things I intend to write but I figured that if I showed people it might motivate me to do more with this. Right now there are a few guides and the start of a glossary and that's it.

This is, of course, a wiki and I do want everyone to contribute if they feel they have something to contribute. Guides can be personal 'this is how I do x' or general 'this is what X means and ways to do X'. You can see there's a mix of this already.

Editing is simple, you login with an OpenID (livejournal, dreamwidth etc etc) just like on Fanlore and you can make pages. Later I will likely add some more admins and such but really that's thinking far far ahead. For now, all I'm looking for is people to look over it, give me some comments, suggest content, point out glaring errors and generally make it a bit more useful and usable. I was in talks about putting content like this on Fanlore but for now it's going to be separate to see if it becomes of any use. Text content is currently under a Creative Commons license. If people have thoughts on that, just leave a comment here.

If you have a guide that you'd like to put on the wiki but you'd like me to do it, just ask. The more content the better. I'm hoping that we can fill out this wiki with a lot of commonly asked questions and have good guides on ripping, clipping, project settings in different programs, exporting, playback etc etc etc.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to link to this in any communities that might find it relevant.
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Two Avisynth tutorials

I did write two Avisynth tutorials in the past two months. The first was written for people starting out with Avisynth and the second is an updated version of my 2008 beginners post-processing tutorial. I don't think it requires more than a basic Avisynth understanding.

Using Avisynth to prepare your source with example scripts

Post-Processing with Avisynth with example scripts

Blu-Ray Ripping Tutorials

After finally getting my hands on blu-ray reading drives, I realized that no one in the vidding realm had any blu-ray ripping tutorials (ripping to the raw M2TS files, I mean). So after messing around, I finally figured out two ways of ripping blu-rays (that are actually quite similar—except one is shareware, one is freeware). So, I decided to share...

Ripping Blu-Ray Disks with AnyDVD HD

Ripping Blu-Ray Disks with DVDFab HD Decrypter

Hopefully everyone can use it for their own blu-ray ripping.

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Need some help

I was wondering if anyone could help me get a coloration similar to that in this clip @ 1:19 using Sony Vegas 9

The original color of the clip Here @ 0:37

And how do you do the effect where it like flashes into the next clip? I don't really know how to explain it so I took a screencap

If anyone could help me with either of those things, I would be grateful :)

(Hope this is ok to post here and that I tagged it correctly!)

Tutorials: Vidding on Linux with Cinelerra


I have posted an extensive set of tutorials covering everything from the basics of installing programs and basic editing to more advanced effects in Cinelerra - a video editor for Linux distrubtions - here:

You too can make vids on Linux!

It's designed to offer assistance to people considering changing operating system or wanting to upgrade to a more complex editor with no price tag. While not as polished (it looks kinda fugly), or as userfriendly as many prosumer editors, Cinelerra does still offer comparable functionality in many areas, and is certainly far more complex than any other free editing program currently available (although Lightworks may eventually change this!)

So, if you're thinking of switching, or are just idly curious, here it is! :)

Tips, tutorials, etc... for sony vegas 8

I've made a few fanvids over the years, but they've never really been all that great. They're usually very basic and kind of n00b looking and eventually I gave up. I want to get into it again, hopefully with enough knowledge to make fairly decent vids. Does anyone here have any tips or links to tutorials for editting techniques and all that stuff? I know the basics of the program, I'd just like to take it a step further and I'm having a little bit of difficulty. Any advice and tips will help. Thanks!