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problem with NTSC DVD source in Vegas

Hi everyone,

I hope somebody can help me. I usually use .VOB files in Vegas which works fine. However, I now encountered a problem I've encountered before where the clips on the timeline keep stuttering/looping and these stutters and loops keep changing. Last time I powered through and recut and recut clips, but it was a nightmare and I don't want to do it again.

The DVDs are region 2+4, but the format is NTSC. I started one Vegas project where I chose NTSC and one where I chose PAL in the beginning in both versions these stutters occur. It's hard to describe, the clip is like frame, frame, repeated frame, frame, frame, different repeated frame and so on, sometimes with frames being repeated that are quite far removed from the recent frames. And like I said this keeps changing and it gets worse.

I use DVDshrink for ripping.

I'm open to all suggestions, I will change my ways of clipping/ripping/converting, I am desperate. I really want to make this vid and I don't want the process of making it be horrible.

Thank you!!

Cannot properly open older Sony Vegas projects

Hi everyone,

about a year ago I switched from windows xp to windows 7. At first I was worried, because I feared I might not be able to open my old video projects since xp had a different kind of "path structure" than 7, meaning that Vegas might not be able to find the source files. As it turned out, this wasn't a problem at all. I could open all my old projects without any problem.

However, now it seems that my original fear has come true. Suddenly I cannot open old projects at all. (I can only open projects I created on this computer with windows 7.) If I copy the old project and then open the copy, I get told that "the file cannot be found..." and I'm given the option the choose another location which would be fine, except the files are all vob files I have no way of knowing which of them is which. (I hope this makes sense, I don't know how to explain it.) What annoys me so much is the fact that it used to work just fine and now suddenly it doesn't anymore.

Any help would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

Problem with .vob file in Sony Vegas 9

Hi everyone,

I've encountered a problem and I hope you can help me. I've been working on a vid using .vob files and yesterday everything worked fine. However, when I opened the project today I took a very long time to load, so I closed it and opened it again. Now one of the .vob files doesn't work anymore. I doesn't appear with a preview in the project media window but just as the vlc player symbol. I can use it normally on the timeline, but now there are black frames within the clips which haven't been there before. These black frames remain after rendering. I tried opening an older version of the project, but they all show the same mistake. I restarted the computer and that didn't help either. I'm at a loss now. I don't know what happened and I don't know if I can even salvage this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

EAT: I want to thank everyone who commented!

rbfvid : I tried your first suggestion which seemed to work, but then the problem was back, so I took amnisias 's advise and re-ripped the source. It looks good now, I hope it stays that way. In any way, I think the other suggestions are very good to keep in mind. Thanks again!

Team Battle 2014

Team Battle 2014 – international contest for teams of 3 music video creators, which will be formed by themselves. Registration required. As a result, every team must present 3 videos in the selected category. Any self-made video based on films, games, sports , etc, can be submitted to the contest. The only restriction is anime and Japanese videogames.

• Registration deadline: 22 March – 1 May 2014
• Formation of teams for participants who did not find a team: 2 May - 4 May 2014
• Submission of videos: 5 May – 1 July 2014

• First place at nominations «Best team» 6000 rubles (~200$) + 3 diplomas

Previous year results: Scarlet Agony
1. Benjamin (c) - America
2. Sham - SLS
3. ЛеоNardo - Still alive
4. К9 - Dark corners of the heart
5. Yaguar - Warrior


Question about paths and their names in different versions of Windows

Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning the path names of certain files. I'm afraid I lack the proper English vocabulary for this and I can't seem to find good translations, but I'll try to describe my problem.

I'm still using Windows XP, however, since there won't be any more updates come April I'll have to switch to Windows 7 or 8. I'm planning on buying a new computer as well. I still have various vid projects that are far from finished and I'm afraid that the paths of these projects won't work on the new systems. (I guess, I can still use XP on the old computer and cut off the internet access for it, so that there won't be any risk.) But I'd prefer a solution which would allow me to work on the old project files on the new computer. Is there a way to change path names? I've been googling this a lot, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I use Sony Vegas 9 Platinum.

Maybe someone here has some experience in this field. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Tech Problem: rendered file won't work on streaming sites

Hi everyone,

I ran into a very frustrating problem and I hope someone here can help me.

I rendered a vid as .wmv using Sony Vegas 9 Platiunum. This is what I always use and usually it works just fine. The rendered video is ok, meaning it plays fine in the vlc-player. The file is, however, bigger than these files normally are and - and this is the main problem - it doesn't work on any streaming site I uploaded it to. On Vimeo the playback is very jerky and the vid itself it out of sync. On viddler, the sync is fine, but the picture quality is unbelievably bad, it's pretty much unwatchable. (I had converted the vid from .wmv to .wmv with the flv to many formats converter, because otherwise it wouldn't work well on Vimeo, usually this does the trick and the vid plays fine. In this case, however, there is another problem occurring, one I've never encountered before.)

I tried exporting to different formats and converting to different formats after rendering, but since I don't have any idea why this is happening in the first place, I'm not really making any progress.

The source files are .wmv and .vob. I made vids before which featured these formats and there was no problem with the finished vid.

I don't know what's happening and what I can do. Any help and ideas would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

ETA: Thank you so much for all your suggestions! The .avi to .mp4 thing worked perfectly, I'm so happy!!! This whole thing provided me with a great opportunity to try new things and learn a bit more about the tech stuff and I'm so grateful for your help, thank you!
thank you, stark

Sony Vegas Movie Studio vs. Movie Studio Platinum

Hi Everybody!

I'm considering buying Sony Vegas Movie Studio or Movie Studio Platinum. I don't plan on using the software to edit anything professionally, just fanvids and other projects for my own amusement. I'm leaning toward Movie Studio right now, because it seems a little simpler, but I don't want to spend $50 bucks and still not have the tools to do something more complicated if I choose to. So, what features is Movie Studio lacking that would be an issue when editing videos? Does it have any masking or color correction features/abilities, or is that just Movie Studio Platinum?

I'd appreciate any advice or information you could share :-)


Mixing TV/movie aspect ratios in Vegas and/or avisynth/Vdub

I posted a short note on how to mix TV and movie widescreen aspect ratios. It's Windows, Vegas-centric with an option on avisynth/vdub. It's not exactly rocket science and I'm sure the techies are laughing because I've done it wrong somehow, but thought I'd drop the link in case it helps, like, anyone. :D

VM - 121 Logan V Kiss

Veronica Mars Cast - Life Is Beautiful

Fandom:Veronica Mars
Vidder: msia05
Vid Title: Life is Beaufitul
Song: Life is Beautiful - Sixx AM
Pairing: None. Cast video.
Ratings and warnings: G
Summary: You can't quit until you try, and you can't learn to tell the truth until you learn to lie.
Coloring by: frozensuntutorials
Editor: Melissa
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 12
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Life is Beautiful - Youtube