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Vidding discussion

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The vidding Community

If you like fannish music videos (vids, a.k.a songvids, fanvids), this is the place for you. Vidders and vid-watchers are equally welcome -- you don't have to make vids to join, you just have to like them.

Open to all fandoms and all vid genres (slash, het, gen, constructed reality, etc). Anime fans are welcome, as are VCR vidders.


First things first: If you have graphics to post, flashing text, embedded video, or unusually lengthy summaries/discussions, kindly put them behind an LJ cut-tag, or the mods may delete your post - no warnings. Seriously. We're not kidding. Don't take it personally. If we've deleted your post for this violation, simply repost it again with the correct format, no worries.

And, also? If your post starts with anything remotely like, "I don't know if this is allowed, but ..." you will make our delete fingers very, very, itchy. We're just sayin'. You should know, if you read this page. If you still don't know, email us, so we can fill in the gaps.

At any time, the moderator(s) may freeze a comment thread or delete a post without warning for violation of community norms. Personal attacks on others, spamming, or other gross violations may lead to membership suspension, and possibly banning from the community.

Any vid-related discussion is on topic. This includes, but is not limited to: Vid announcements, reviews, recommendations, general discussion of the vidding process, any technical questions about programs, requests for betas, pitching ideas, looking for vids you once liked, telling us to go to vividcon, finding the perfect song, complaining about the stupid interlacing in your footage, announcements of other vid communities or contests. You get the idea. If there's something about vids in your post, you can put it here; if you're unsure if it qualifies, ask the maintainer. Indicating cross-posting is nice, but not required.

Vid announcements have no stipulated format, but things that are generally nice to have include: song title, song artist, fandom(s), any warnings/descriptions you feel are appropriate (e.g., spoilers for episodes, slash, het, gen, violence, nudity, pairing), content summary, format/length/file size, a download link, and any other notes you want.

It is unbelievably helpful to the moderators if you use the subject line of your posts to identify song title, artist, and fandom of a vid post, or summarize the content of a question post, etc. Otherwise when we put your post in the memories, no one will know what it is.

Newbie vidders are most definitely welcome; check the memories for posts that may answer your questions about how to start vidding. This also may help answer some of your basic questions.

New vidders: Also read this before posting your requests for info. You will get a much better response if you do.

Other Communities

viddingnewbies is a community for people who want to learn more about vidding.

vividcon is the community for VividCon, a vidding convention.

Want to get feedback? Want to volunteer to give it? the_reel provides multi-fandom vid reviews and recommendations, all done by volunteers each month.

veni_vidi_vids summarizes weekly news from the online vidding community. (See also: vidder_weekly, currently on hiatus.)

Akin to flashfiction communities, vidbites is a community for multifandom vid challenges, answerable in 15-20 second vids.

vidrequest is for making (and filling) multifandom vid requests.

Struggling to remember where you recently saw that amazing vid? Try asking for help at vidfinders.

vidding_tech is a community for technical questions. Specific to Mac users, is mac_vidding_101.

At strangefandom, volunteers watch member-recommended vids for fandoms they don't know, then write synopses of what they think the shows are about. Hilarity ensues.

vidding_elite: socializing and announcements for vidders new to Livejournal.

viddingcommnews: a place where any fan video vidding community on Livejournal or the internet can announce events and news

There are also many fandom-specific vid communities. Vidders are encouraged to announce their work in here as well as in the fandom's community. An incomplete list follows; let the maintainers know if there's another to be added.

Avatar, the Last Airbender: avatar_vids
Battlestar Galactica: galactica_vids
Bones: bonesfanvids
Boondock Saints: bds_media
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, Firefly: jossversecinema
Charmed: charmed_vids
Dr. Who: vortexchallenge
Due South: ds_music_videos
Farscape: farscapevidders
Final Fantasy: ff_vids
Firefly/Serenity: fireflywaves
Harry Potter: hp_fanflicks, accio_vids, hp_envision; and hpblokes_videos is for HP & HP actors' other films
Heroes: heroes_vids
House: housevideos
Lost: lost_vids
*N Sync: songvids
Numb3rs: numb3rs_fanvids
Prison Break: pb_vids
Queer as Folk: qafvids
Smallville: sv_vids
Smallville (Lex/Lana): ll_fanvid
Stargate Atlantis: atlantis_vids
Stargate SG-1: stargatevids
All Stargate: the_kawoosher
Starsky & Hutch: zebra3_vids
Star Wars: sw_fanvids
Supernatural: supernaturalvid, spnvidrecs
Torchwood: torchwood_files
The West Wing: tww_vids
Twilight: twilightvids
Xena: xena_vids
X-Files: xf_fanfilm

amv (anime)
amv_spotlight (anime)
ink_vids (animated source)

Non-LJ Communities
Expanding The Universe - a multi-fandom fan video and fandom discussion website & forum

Still want more....?
Even more communities and users here on LJ who are interested in "vidding" ...

This community is maintained by sineala, morgandawn and boniblithe. Please direct any admin queries to boniblithe(Community icon created by jmtorres.)

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