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999 Vidder Down

halcyon_shift in vidding

Vid: All That I Am [SPN]

Title: All That I Am (or rightclicksave)
Artist: Rob Thomas
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: And I breathe so you breathe
Category: TEH ANGST
Pairing/Character: The family Winchester (mostly Sam and Dean)
Format: .avi (xvid)
Size: 25.5Mb

Feedback: A kindness, not a toll
Thank you: jebbypal and deathisyourart for awesome beta fu

x-posted supernaturalvid and vidding


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Great vid! Awesome timing work.
Thank you! :)
Oh wow, excellent. D00d!
Hee, thank you! *tries to work out a dignified way to say 'Can I worship at the alter of your icon?'*
Wow, that was just incredible. The vidding itself was gorgeous and the story you told was spot on. I came here by the rec of deathisyourart and I am so glad I did. That vid just about broke me. The Dean-centric segment from around 1:20-2:05 was so beautifully timed and heartwrenching and wonderful. It just captured all that is DEAN.

You did an amazing job of capturing the broken, but loving Winchester family. Especially the intense bond between Dean and Sammy. It made me ACHE. (And cry.) SO GOOD!!!
Hee, thank you for the lovely comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the vid :) deathisyourart (and jebbypal) are very much to thank for the way the vid turned out
Oooooooooooh, that was so, so, so pretteh.
Nice stuff.

Um. I'm thinkin' i saw the rec in deathisyourart's lj...
Thank you! :)
Wow. The timing is amazing! Bravo
Thank you :)
This was such a great, moving vid, and I LOVED the beautiful way you used the fire motif all through. It was also brilliant, the way the POV shifted so gracefully from one character to the next. My favourite part is the bit where Sam dashes in to save Dean and you integrated his vision so perfectly without sacrificing the narrative flow or muddying the story. Gorgeous work!
Thank you! I'm very glad the POV switches worked out, and I'm glad you enjoyed the vid :)
Oh my God, what an awesome vid! That was just fantastic!

At 2.32 when the music swells and Dean comes out of the water I actually said "HOLY FUCK" out loud cause I was that amazed.

Great clips, great timing and you told the story perfectly. Bravo!
Thank you!
that was wonderful, amazing, fantastic. i am not a Supernatural fangirl but that vid kinda makes me want to start watching the show.

here via deathisyourart's post
Hee, thank you!

Waaaatch the shooooow
I'm downloading this right now, haven't seen it yet, but I just wanted to say that your song choice makes me SO HAPPY I will love this vid no matter what. OMG.
And I'm back, and this is possibly the most amazing vid ever. Seriously.
Wow. What an amazing, beautiful, moving vid. The timing is excellent. I've been craving for a good Supernatural vid, and yours is so much better than merely good that I really don't have the words.
Thank you for the lovely comments! I'm glad it was enjoyed :)

That was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. :)
Thank you!
*Excellent* vid. :D Loved the fire, loved the guns, loved the pacing, and of course the story. :}
Hee, thank you very much!
Wow. This was just wonderful. I'm a fan of the show, though not active in the online fandom. You've made me think I should perhaps revisit that. ;-) Seeing the scenes from Croatoan, I have to ask--did you do this in a week? If so, I'm turning green. Which is so not a good color on me. Thanks! (For the vid, not for turning me green. *g*)
Thank you! Join in with fandom, they're hardly scary at all *g* I started the vid on Friday after seeing Croatoan (mid-season marathon, yay!)
This is simply... amazing doesn't begin to cover it. There really are no words for just how beautiful this vid is. It's so gorgeous.

I simply adore this song (all Fabella's fault, really), it's so emotional and haunting, which truly makes it perfect for this fandom. Even more so, you didn't just hit the beats, you made them emotional high points (I love, love, love when Dean turns the lock). The way you just switched seemlessly between POVs, without it ever feeling off or confusing, really made the POV seem like a whole, it's really about the family and its unity, however abnormal it can be.

The parallels between Mary and Jessica (graves, fire, etc) really were a high point for me as well, and I loved the entire pacing of it. And of course, your use of fire, in all its motion, emotional signification and imagery, was phenomenal.

I love it.
Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Hee, we swaped vids - I have yours on again at the moment *g*
That was amazing. The editing to the beats was astounding (moments that stood on their own, really - lock turning on beat! {love!}) and the shift in POV worked so well without being jarring. I loved the instrumental sequence beginning at 2:32 and all the clips you blended together in that. The fire imagery was beautiful.

Thank you! :)
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