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VIDDING META: iMeem and vidder visibility

It seems that, with the migration to iMeem proceeding apace, laurashapiro's discussion of fanvidder visibility is very timely! I joined iMeem myself just yesterday, and I linked up to the Vidding Meem set up by astolat and morgandawn (a Meem is iMeem's version of LJ's communities). Today, after a staff member sent me a message about some technical issues I'd mentioned in my new iMeem blog (not, I point out, reported officially, but posted in my personal blog), I got another message from the same staff member, which I have permission to repost:
I sent this to another member of the Vidding Meem, but i don't know how close all of you are or if you all talk to each other, so i thought i'd pass it along to you as well :)

Hey i thought you guys in the vidding meem might be interested in this:

The Junior Boys are having a video contest with a pretty good prize and are providing songs to use as well. i wouldn't even know where to start to make one, but i've seen some of the videos all of you have been uploading and there is a lot of talent there :)

I don't know how much overlap there actually will be between vidders and people interested in this music video competition -- I tend to see vidding as more of a commentary on the visual source than the audio source, with music videos vice versa, but I only speak for me -- but the far more interesting part, to me, is this:

After less than two weeks of vidder community presence -- the Vidding Meem was created three days ago -- vidding has caught attention outside of fandom and vidders (and presumed vidders*) have been issued non-fannish contest invitations.

* I'm just a groupie reviewer myself!

Of course, my next question is: How does this compare to AMV contests?
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