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Promoting vidding on imeem

I posted about this in more detail to my lj, but also wanted to pimp it to you all.

For various reasons, I've been a) getting more convinced we don't need to be as paranoid as we are, and b) that streaming video is a really great way to share. aj2k recently posted here about a service called which is basically youtube with better quality video (and the video stays in sync, even if it does stutter now and again).

Anyway -- I tried it for a bit, and I've been sold. I've gone ahead and put all my vids on there:

and I hope to encourage more of you vidders out there to do the same. I'd love it if we started using imeem as our own -- I mean, even if we still will want to provide high-quality downloadable versions of the vids, this could be a perfect central clearinghouse and a network for us to connect through.

I'm not entirely throwing caution to the winds, in that I've been careful to name my files in ways that a fan can look at them and figure out the fandom/song, but someone doing a random search for either source wouldn't find it.

Also, I'm planning on using the tag "vidding" on my vids -- which, if we all use it, could make it easy for us to find one another without showing up on random searches.
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