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littleheaven70 in vidding

New Vid: "Wrong In All The Right Ways" - Duran Duran

Wrong In All The Right Ways
Fandom: Duran Duran
Song/Artist: Raise Your Glass by Pink
Duration: 3:23 minutes

Summary: A love letter to Duran Duran and their fans. We will never be anything but loud.
Source: Sing Blue Silver concert documentary.
Warnings: Extreme 80's hair.

Premiered at vividcon Club Vivid 2012. Thanks to jetpack_monkey for casting an eye over it.

Streaming and download links of various qualities can be found HERE.


Duranies forever!!! Of course I loved this. :D
Yay! Thank you!
OMG it's my youuuuuth! Though I was never lucky enough to see Duran Duran in concert, now I feel like I did. Great vid!
Thank you! I finally got to see them here in New Zealand in 2004 and 2008, but it was a long wait :0)
Awesome vid - great nostalgia trip, too! - but sadly the DL links don't seem to be working.
Thank you! Glad you liked it :o) OMG, totally uploaded the vid files to the wrong folder. They're in the right place now and the downloads should work. Sorry!!
Yay, snagging now, thank you! :)
WONDERFUL! You captured not only the fun of Duran Duran but the passion of being a fan. And of course a lot of 80s hair. :D You've locked this post, but I have a friend who's very much into Duran Duran -- are you OK with me linking her to your streaming/download post?
Ooh, thank you! I'm so pleased it did what I wanted it to :0) Yes, please do link my site. I had to lock the LJ post because of the unfeasible amounts of spam unlocked ones attract these days.
There goes my childhood. And Roger Taylor is still cute *boggles*

That was fabulous and lots of fun - thank you!
LOL! Mine, too. Or should I say, teenagerhood :o) I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback!
Wow, this is like gazing into an alternate universe where I was born about five years earlier than I was. Based on this vid alone, I can tell that I would have been so massively into Duran Duran given the right time and place. Not to mention how stunningly well the vid itself is edited! Looks like it could have been filmed yesterday. And the joy shines through so much. I really enjoyed it. :)

Have I missed the bus on Duran Duran fandom? Is it too late? haha.
Aw, thank you! Funnily enough, I was cursing the grainy 80's footage when I was editing - glad it wasn't too glaringly awful :0)

And you've not missed the bus on Duran Duran at all. They're still together (albeit with different guitarist) and touring at the moment. They had an album out last year and planning another next year. They do look a little bit older and jowlier these days (except for John, who has only managed to improve with age). If you like synth-pop, you won't be disappointed :0)
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