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Copyright Policies: Blip.TV, BAM Video Vault & Viddler (Updated 7/2/2009)

I caution vidders as we move en masse away from iMeem to other streaming alternatives - how the new services will handle the transformative nature of fan vids is still anyone's guess.

1. Blip.TV - cesperanza has posted about Blip.TV's copyright policies. They state: "An exception to this rule is if the work as a whole is transformative. Transformative means making something substantially new is created from the copyrighted work." More here

Edited update: Blip.TV has deleted one vidder's account within days of her uploading her vids: "In your case the videos were either major copyright violations or made up a significant enough portion of your show that we felt that the only responsible thing for us to do was to revoke your account." more here

2. BAM Video Vault is a social networking community created for vidders by vidders. Friendly to vids? You betcha! But remember, BAM is built on Ning's platform, and Ning recently had to discontinue adult video services:
"Removal of Adult Networks. In December 2008, Ning announced that it would no longer host adult networks. Adult network owners were given just over a month to move their adult content to another provider. The reasons cited for removing adult networks from the platform were that they didn't cover the costs of providing them and that they created a disproportionate amount of DMCA takedown notices for copyright infringing material. More here

3. Viddler offers the standard DMCA/copyright policies. Like Vimeo they ask explicitly during upload to verify you have ownership of the material you're uploading and call out TV shows or music videos.
"Only use clips you own! We'd appreciate it if you didn't upload copyrighted material, like TV shows or music videos" Like Vimeo, you can privately embed music videos, but that still does not make Viddler any more (or less) 'fan vid friendly' than other streaming sites.

Where does Vimeo fit in all of this? They offer excellent streaming quality, but their business model actively frowns on ;non-user generated 'footage. We've blogged about this several times. And even password protecting your vids will not prevent your Vimeo account from being disabled.

As long as the RIAA and the MPAA continue their 'take no prisoners, leave no one alive" policies towards their user base, no one single video site will be 'secure'. In addition to the ever-present copyright issues, there may be financial reasons for a video streaming service to stop streaming (ex iMeem).

My best suggestion - pick two sites and keep both active and current. Diversify!

"Mirroring videos is the most powerful immediate action that video makers can take to protect their rights as authors.

The gradual disappearance of videos from YouTube over the last 18 months progressed largely undetected because of an emergent practice distributed among thousands of community members. A few common searches reveals that the most popular videos are frequently ripped and re-upped under a variety of accounts. Like bees unwittingly pollinating a field of wild flowers, these re-ups are often executed by spammers looking for more hits on their other videos. The preservation of threatened videos is merely a by-product of their unscrupulous pursuit of views!" more here

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