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Morgan Dawn

iMeem May Be Struggling To Stay Afloat - Backup Your Work

"iMeem, the free streaming music site backed by Sequoia Capital, Warner Music and other prominent investors, is rumored to be in serious trouble.

Music insiders are saying a shutdown of the company is imminent after a failed attempt to sell the company or raise more cash. A spokesperson flatly denied the shutdown rumors today, but confirmed that the company layed off staff last week (six people from a staff of around 70). He wouldn’t comment on funding or sale rumors, although plenty of potential buyers tell us they’ve been pitched to buy the company over the last year."

More here. Counterpoint article from Wired here

Last, iMeem did have a playback issue which was fixed. However iMeem videos may be blocked if you're viewing from overseas (UK, France, Aus, New Zealand). This has to do with music licensing issues. More here

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