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Youtube: How Is Their 'New' Dispute Process Working?

Starting late last year, Youtube began silencing vids that had audio licensed to Warner Studios as part of a licensing dispute. They also began implementing an AudioSwap feature where you could swap out non-licensed music with licensed music. They tied the audio removals into their informal dispute process where you could make an argument why the vid or the music in the vid should be restored. Note this is different from the more formal DMCA counter notice.

I thought now would be a good time to see how the dispute process was working for vidders. I've seen vidders posting that they've had some success in restoring the audio or restoring a vid that was removed due to audio issues. I've also seen vidders reporting that even after using the dispute process their vids were not restored. And sadly, I've seen one or two vidders report that their Youtube accounts were deleted after receiving multiples warnings for using unlicensed music or video.

So feel free to drop a comment below with the following

1. How many of your vids were removed for music licensing issues or had their audio blocked/silenced?
2. How many vids were removed for video issues?
3. Did you use the informal dispute process?
4. Was it successful?
5. Was your account deleted *before* or *after* you used the dispute process?
5. Make certain you note if your account was deleted after more than one video was removed or after more than one audio was silenced? Also note if the issue was not the audio but the video (Youtube will often tell you if your audio or video is the problem on a specific vid).

One thing that is clear - Youtube's policies are in flux and are applied inconsistently. There is always risk in using any service where your use is at the fringes of a shifting business model. If you cannot afford *any* risk of having your vids or your account deleted for any reason, my best suggestion is to not use Youtube (or Youtube-like sites) as a social network with subscribers and channels but only as a place to host your vids. Link to Youtube from another site (a blog or your website) and mirror your vids on more than one site. That way, if your Youtube account is deleted, your vids will still be available and the platform for launching and showcasing your vids will still be preserved.

Links to Youtube, iMeem's and Vimeo's take-down processes - along with articles about copyright issues surrounding these sites - can be found here and here
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