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Tutorial: How to Rip DVDs using DVD Shrink and AutoGK

You need to have DVD Shrink and Auto Gordian Knot (AutoGK) for this tutorial.

DVD Shrink

Step One;
click Re-author

Step Two; choose the DVD drive which shows the DVD you're going to rip. I decided to rip an episode of Heroes, so that's the one I click.

Step Three; we need to make sure that the episode we're ripping is not split into 1GB-size chunks. This will make it more difficult to convert into the AVI file, which we're going to do later in AutoGK.

Go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Preferences'. Go to the 'Output Files' tab and uncheck the box labelled 'Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks (recommended)'.

Step Four; choose the episodes you want to rip. These should be in the 'Main Movie' section, but sometimes they can turn up in the 'Extras' section. I find it best to look at the duration of the file. If they are in the 38-42 minute area, these are the episode files. It can also be useful to preview them in the little window on the bottom-left, as sometimes there can be commentaries on the episodes.

I've only chosen one in the picture, but you can choose as many as you want.

Step Five; now we're ready to begin ripping. Press the 'Backup!' button and the window pictured will show up. In the 'Select backup target' box, choose 'Hard Disk Folder'. Be warned that you WILL need several GB free if you're ripping more than one episode, as each episode will come out at around 1.4GB (but not to worry, this will be significantly reduced when we convert the files later on :wink:). In the box named 'Select target folder for DVD output files', you can either leave it as the default folder it makes, or choose your own.

Step Six; this is the window you'll see while it's ripping. It takes my computer around 8-30 minutes to rip things, and it's best to just leave your computer to do its thing while ripping. Once it's done, you're ready to convert in AutoGK!


Step One;
In the 'Input file' box, click the yellow folder button at the end of the box and navigate to where your ripped VOB file is on your computer. If you didn't rename this file after ripping, it should be named 'VTS_01_1.VOB' or similar. Press Open.

Step Two; In the 'Output file' box, click the yellow folder button. In the 'Save As...' dialog box which will open, you can change the output file name to whatever you'd like it to be, and then click 'Save'. Or, if you want to rename it afterwards, just ignore this option and go to Step Three.

Step Three; you should see something like this now. There are various different methods you can use for ripping, depending on your size and quality preference. If you're pushed for disk space, I'd recommend simply choosing '1/2 CD (350MB)' in the 'Predefined size' box. If you have plenty of space, you may like to try my method. I go to the 'Target quality (in percentage)' box and type in 100. This means that I'd like the final AVI file to retain 100% of its DVD quality. This churns out files that are around 600-900MB in size.

Step Four; this step is optional but can greatly assist in the vidding process if you're a Vegas user. Go to 'Advanced Settings'. Under 'Codec', choose 'DivX'. Later on, this will allow you to use the AVI files straight away in Vegas, with absolutely no complications :wink:

Step Five; once you've done all of the above, you're ready to convert! Click 'Add Job' and then 'Start'. Here's a final tip for you also; if you have ripped multiple episodes, you can add jobs for each of them, and they will run consecutively so if you'd like to do them overnight, just set up all of the jobs before you go to bed!

And that's all you need to do! AutoGK will open various programs while converting your file so don't be concerned, and it is advisable that you leave your computer to do its thing while converting; my computer can take around 40 minutes to an hour to convert a single episode. Obviously this will take longer when it comes to movies. It is very time-consuming but well worth it when you have beautiful quality footage, absolutely free of network logos, to work with ;)

Q. I'm trying to rip one big movie that is over 4GB in size straight to my external hard drive because I don't have room on my computer. When it is nearly finished, I get an error message and when I play back the ripped VOB file, it cuts off somewhere before the end of the movie. Why is this?
A. This is because external hard drives are often pre-formatted in the 'FAT32' file system. While I don't pretend to be an expert on what this is, I can tell you that FAT32 file systems are set in a way that they cannot hold any single file that is over 4GB in size. You can either re-format your external hard drive into the 'NTFS' file system (which is what your computer hard drive will be), or rip the VOB file to your computer, then convert it to an AVI file and move it over. Please be warned that re-formatting your hard drive WILL delete everything on it, and so if you have a lot of important stuff on there, back everything up first or don't re-format.

If you have any other questions then please comment and I'll add them to this FAQ ;)

Happy ripping and converting!


Awesome! Very clear and easy to follow. :D I really need to learn how to do this! ;) *mems* Thanks! ♥!
Hee you're welcome! :D
I know DVD Shrink is for Windows but I don't see that info on AutoGK's page - is there a version for Mac users? thanks
I've looked into it for you and I'm sorry to say that there doesn't appear to be a version for Mac, I'm afraid :(
ok, thanks for checking it for me!
I've used DVD shrink for a while and I can't believe I've been doing it wrong all this time. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Also, the conversion one helps since I use Vegas and vdub and get frustrated to no end as the latter crashes pretty frequently while the former hangs or inserts black frames willy nilly.
Hee well don't worry--I was doing it 'wrong' myself for a long time. I'm one of those people who tend to need idiots' guides to things otherwise I just don't understand it, hee. Glad to be of some help!
Thank you sooooo, so much for this! I've wanted to rip my own DVDs for awhile now, and it's awesome I can finally make the videos of my dreams, haha. <3!

Hope you don't mind me adding this, but I wanted to give anyone a heads-up who reads this guide and still can't get it to work. If you're having an error with AutoGK working, you probably need to download DivxPro version 5. And after that, if there's no sound, you should download the AC3filter. Once all that's done, this guide worked flawlessly for me.

You're very welcome! And thank you very much for the tip :D
Thanks for the tutorial! One question: can I convert the VOB files to WMV instead of AVI using AutoGK?
No. AutoGK will only convert into AVI.
Oh, ok. Do you know of any good free converters that convert to WMV?

Thanks for the info :-) Even if AutoGK doesn't work for me the DVD Shrink part is still very useful!
You could try AVS4You but I know you have to pay for that one. Are you having trouble using AVI files? If you tell me the problem, I may be able to help :)
Sort of. I'm using WMM right now and AVI files have always refused to import. I'm thinking of upgrading to Vegas or another program so that's not a huge deal, but also, I've obtained most of my DW/House/DOOL/Chuck files online in WMV format and really don't feel like converting them to AVI - it was just easier to convert a few new clips rather than practically all of my existing collection. Do you know, with Vegas - can you use both WMV & AVI files in the same project?

Also, the whole codec thing with AVI files kind of intimidates me, lol. Do you have any advice on how to go about that? I don't really know anything about it except you need them with AVI files or everything goes wonky.
Sorry for the late reply! I never got the alert for this comment.

You can use any combination of file types in Vegas--it gets on really well with WMV files, but AVI files are of a better quality in general, and so I would recommend using AVI files.

Regarding codecs, I'd recommend downloading the K-Lite Codec Pack, as it's stuffed with practically every codec you could ever need ;)
Thanks for this Kayla! Been very useful.
You're welcome, hun! :)
I've got everything set up in AutoGK, but when I hit "Start," nothing happens. It's like the program doesn't read it as a command. It looks like this:

What can I do to get it to start?


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