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Merlin: Morgana

halcyon_shift in vidding

Vid: Non Lievi Alchun [Merlin]

Non Lievi Alchun (Download) - (streaming)
Summary: For it giveth unto all lovers courage (Morgana/Gwen)
Music: Love Is Colder Than Death
Editor: LithiumDoll
Copyright: BBC
Thank you: deathisyourart for the beta!
Feedback: Always lovely


This is just absolutely gorgeous - you've managed to make the show look ... totally respectable! And I love how you were able to tell this story with so little footage and just careful clip selection - it's truly lovely.
Thank you! *blushness*

you've managed to make the show look ... totally respectable!
I fail at crack but win at lying like dog, awesome \o/
Oh, I just love this! (Yay, Morgana/Gwen!)
Thank you! (again *g*)
Wow, that was really stunning in its simplicity! I agree (and totally approve) of making this crackfest of a show look like srs bsns. It's lovely.
Thank you! Maybe I can lure a few more people into watching under entirely false pretenses *g*
Gorgeous! Simple but clever editing, with an excellent choice of song and clips. I just love how the story comes across.

Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you, I'm glad it was enjoyed :)
Absolutely gorgeous!! XD
Thank you!
this is so beautiful & soft.

...& i'm still in love with your vidding style :D you make everything look so easy and smooth, the vid just flows so naturally, *adores*
*lol* Thank you very much!
Oh that is *gorgeous*. I loved the music and yay morgana/gwen!

*flail* pretty!
Thank you!
THIS IS SO AMAZING OMG OMG OMG. I've watched it at least a half dozen times so far. I love the energy, rhythm and back-and-forth play between the vocal parts, the way you create an intense sense of CLIMAX with the cuts, the MOOD--this is just such a solid piece of FEELING and atmosphere and everything fits together. I desperately want to watch a million episodes of a show that is EXACTLY LIKE THIS. EVERY WEEK.

...it's not, is it? *g*
Thank you very much! I'm glad it was liked :D

I desperately want to watch a million episodes of a show that is EXACTLY LIKE THIS. EVERY WEEK.

...it's not, is it? *g*

Uhm ... yes? YES IT IS. It's certainly not crackilicious at all *shifty eyes*
Fabulous vid!
This is really, really gorgeous - I am belated in commenting but have watched many times! I just love the music choice and the story you set out.
I loved this vid so much--it's one of the ones that got me into the fandom.
This was just beautiful. I loved the song choice and the clips matched it perfectly.
Hi, I just saw this as part of the Bechdel Test vidshow at VVC and wanted to let you know that I thought it was great--the story and emotion came through clearly to me even though I don't know Merlin very well, and the repetition of certain images was very effective.
oh man, so, this is EIGHT YEARS after I first saw and loved this vid, but apparently I didn't actually comment when I first did? I'm so sorry about this, because I've certainly rewatched it since then and adored it the whole way through! This was the first thing that helped me tap into my love for Morgana/Gwen, and I am endlessly appreciative of it still - thank you so much for such a lovely vid!
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