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halcyon_shift in vidding

Vid: Patterns [Life]

Patterns (download and notes) or imeem streaming
Fandom: Life
Vidder: LithiumDoll
Music: "Patterns" by Simon & Garfunkel
File: 17MB avi
Beta(s): the lovely jebbypal and phantomas (together, they fight crime)
For: deathisyourart, beta of loveliness
Feedback: A kindness, not a toll


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Fantastic vid... I love how you got all the aspects of Charlie but loved even more that we also get to see Reese's aweseomeness and their partnership in action.
Thank you! I was yay that Reese could be worked in - I'm so gonna have to make her a vid
Thank you very much!
Wheeee, a Life vid!

I like this a lot. As usual, your editing skills are breathtaking, and I love the use of the photographs here -- of the Seybolts crime scene, and the pictures on his wall, and how we keep revisiting them and see them haunting Charlie. I also really like how you used the lighter mood in the bridge to highlight the blossoming partnership between Charlie and Dani. Lovely work. I'm gonna have to watch this a whole bunch of more times while I suffer from acute Life-related withdrawals.
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that I could help with the Life-withdrawal *g*. I expect the shakes to set in around Monday, personally o_0
Thank you! I'm glad it was enjoyed :)
I love this so much! Especially the roles of Rachel and Reese -- something lost, something found, not the release Charlie's looking for but something that changes him all over again, all the same. The patterns broken and made new.
Thank you very much! It's always lovely to know which themes make it through *g*
This was amazing-- thank you. I'm ridiculously happy to find a Life vid, but to have it be such a great one is even BETTER.

I'm going to have to watch it a lot more, but my initial impressions (beyond the fact that it's gorgeous technically) is that I love that you worked Dani in at just the right level, even with this being about Charlie.

The violence is interesting, too, relating to the overall theme of your vid and the show... though I'm going to have to go back and watch the vid more to have anything substantial than that to say about it.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
This is awesome!!!! The editing was incredible, in time to the lyrics and had a very good resonance with the show's editing. I love the look at Charlie with the Reese/Crews partnership thrown in there. This is excellent.
thank you! :)
That was a wickedly cool vid!

And I might just need to check out the show now...
Thank you! Watch the show! *g*
I love this vid! I've been watching/rewatching the show since I watched it the day you posted despite having planed on doing that when I didn't have anything new to watch *g*
Thank you! You could ... watch it even again when there's nothing else to watch! That's pretty much my plan o_0
Wow, that's freakin' brilliant. I need to go watch the pilot again; that bathroom scene is ridiculously hot.

Thank you so much for sharing!
Thank you very much!
This is an fabulous vid! You match the song perfectly with your editing. You chose so many perfect clips. Wonderful! :)
Thank you! I'm glad it was enjoyed :)
This is wonderful. The song is just perfect for Crews.
Thank you :)
Oh, wow, that was really excellent. Great song choice, I would never have thought of it but it's perfect.
Thank you :)
Wow, this is so fantastic -- so incredibly well-edited and conceived!
Thank you! I'm glad it was enjoyed :)
This vid sounds totally awesome, but I'm having some trouble finding the actual video.....is there any chance you could pretty please re-upload it? ♥
It's at http://www.alter-idem.com/#videos/24 or you can directly DL from http://www.fate-accompli.net/patterns.zip - I hope you enjoy it :)
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