Morgan Dawn (morgandawn) wrote in vidding,
Morgan Dawn

Stage6 (DivX Streaming)

For those vidders who are putting their vids up on Stage6, Ive started two vidding related 'areas':

1. The Vidding Fans channel - if you tag your vid with 'vidding" I will try (at least for the start) to collect the vids by TV show. Personally I am not certain of the utility of Channels on Stage6 when using the tag 'vidding' will do much the same thing.

2. The Vidding Fans Forum - very much similar to the Vidding Forum we have on iMeem -a place where vidders can chat.

Finally, Stage6's performance is intermittent and for uploaders it is hard to use - if your vid gets stuck in the 'Ok I've uploaded it but now I cannot publish it stage' the best thing to do is delete and reupload.

If you're a viewer you will need to download the DivX plugin - the quality of the vids is amazing however.
Tags: all: streaming sites: imeem youtube

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