sakana17 (keiko_kirin) wrote in vidding,

Older JKL vids newly uploaded at pteropus

Four older vids from the "JKL" DVD have been uploaded to

1.) Stargate SG-1: "Come As You Are" (Nirvana) -- vid by Jill and Kathy -- 45 MB -- made in 2003
2.) Stargate SG-1: "Ouch!" (The Rutles) -- vid by Jill, Kathy, and Kay -- 23 MB -- made in 2003
3.) Once A Thief (tv show): "When I'm Up I Can't Get Down" (Oysterband) -- vid by Lynn, Jill, and Kay -- 44 MB -- made in 2000 (note: this vid was made on VCRs and has not been remastered)
4.) L.A. Confidential: "It's Probably Me" (Sting) -- vid by Jill and Kathy -- 36 MB -- made in 2004

All vids are in Divx .avi format.

The pteropus vids site is password protected. There is a link on the site to request a password. (If you previously received the login & password, it's the same.)

Recs, comments, and feedback are welcome. Email is jkl at pteropus dot com. You're welcome to link to this announcement or to, but please don't link to the vid files themselves. We like it a lot when people let us know they're linking to us. :-)
Tags: movie, tv, tv: stargate sg1

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