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morgandawn in vidding

Vividcon 2007: Genealogy Of Vidding (Draft)

Vividcon 2007: Genealogy Of Vidding*
(most of the vids pre-date the Internet so online versions will be hard to find. Also, if anyone can supply rough date estimates of these vids, please drop a comment)

Song: Oh Boy by Buddy Holly
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Vidder: California Crew
Comment: MediaWest aesthetic =   need to be broadly accessible to the audience, often casual viewers. Target reading level K-3

Song: Nobody's Side by Cast of Chess
Fandom: Wiseguy
Vidder: Judy Chien
Comment: A "feral vidder" era (someone who vids on her own without much interaction with vidders or other vids), showing at MediaWest. Long clips typical for the time, character focus on song choice, tight POV

Song: Polka Party by Weird Al Yankovich
Fandom: Multi-fandom
Vidder: Vid Weasels (Waldo)
Date: 2003
Comment: Modern version of a MediaWest multi-media vid

Song: Temper of Revenge by Julia Ecklar
Fandom: Miami Vice
Vidder: maidavids (Mary Van Duesen)
Link: remastered version
Comment: MVD taught character focus including song choice, narrative story telling, and cutting to the beat. She made a limited number of 'living room' vids (vids that were meant for viewing at home over multiple viewings). May be the originator of the 3-4 minute vid length guideline

Song: Too Long A Solder by Pat Benatar
Fandom: The Professionals
Vidder: deejay 
Comment: Taught by MVD. Character focused, but the vidder also took a chance by incorporating outside footage to tell her story.

Song: Clean by Depeche Mode
Fandom: Highlander
Vidder: Jill & Kay (klia  &  )
Link: http://pteropus.com/
Comment: San Francisco aesthetic: character focus, song choice, context dependence, use of a theme to tie images together, color pallet to tell the story.**

Song: So Pure by Alanis Morrisette
Fandom: Homicide: LotS
Vidder: Katherine & Pam
Comment: Very influential in defining the Escapade convention aesthetic. Note the rare use of second person POV in the vid and the extended use of the dancing metaphor. Accessible, yet meta.

Song: Hair by the Original Broadway cast of Hair
Fandom: Multi-fandom
Vidder: Media Cannibals
Link: (not online, but other vids are here)
Comment: VCR era version of an Escapade style multi-media vd, with commentary about fandom incorporated into the vid

Song: Ghost by Live
Fandom: Dr Who
Vidder: morgandawn 
Linkhttp://www.morgandawn.com/VidEntry.html  or watch streaming version here
Date: 2005
Comment: Modern version of the San Francisco aesthetic, by way of Escapade. Pay particular attention to the use of color to support multiple levels of meaning

Song: Language by Suzanne Vega
Fandom: SG1
Vidder: lapillus (Carol S)
Comment: Technical advances leading to computer vidding and the birth of the WOAD vidding group - playing with tech and acceptance of tech

Song: Dante's Prayer by Loreena McKennitt
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Vidder: killabeez
Comment: melding music, character, color, and tech, plus commentary on fandom - all accessible to a wide audience.

*Panel conceived and presented by wickedwords and is based on her perception of vidder influence and vidding history. Her panel notes are here

*As with many Californians, the vidders of the San Francisco aesthetic are a diverse group who began vidding in in many places across the country and therefore intersect with many groups of vidders


Just a question... I've been to the Triptych vids site and their front page requests that people only link to that. The front page asks you to request a password to get into the site. Do you know whether that is no longer needed or the vidders have waived the need for it? Because I would like to link to some of the vids on that site but am not certain of the proper etiquette.
no idea - check with them? I copied the link they had me use years ago but I may have gotten it wrong.
Please still link to the front page.

No problem! :)

Your X-Files vids, by the way, are absolutely fantastic. They are some of the most clever, most amusing X-Files vids I've seen, with some of the best chosen music. All I could ask for would be (dare I even say?) remastered versions.

I will be reccing them on my LJ within a couple of days, and heaping more praise in their direction.

I'm hoping to eventually get around to remastering them. I've started remastering the Space:Above and Beyond ones first (less to deal with) but I do plan on moving on to the XF ones eventually.
Excellent to hear!

I've now written my rec post if you are interested in reading it...

got it
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