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Purple Film reel organicdesigns

morgandawn in vidding

One Stop Shopping Playlists & Panel Notes: Vividcon 07

We're back. This is a placeholder post for the playlist for the Vividcon 2007 vid shows and panel notes. Feel free to drop a note to claim the playlist and then post it either here in vidding  or the vividcon  community. Ditto on any panel notes: just drop a link to your notes and I'll update.

Edited: absolutedestiny  has online spreadsheets of the playlists - all you'll need to do is transfer them over to an LJ entry and help direct the vidders to supply links to their vids as they go online. easy-peasy.

Vid Shows
Best of Media West
Can't Live with 'Em, Can't Trade 'Em for Food
Club Vivid
Daughter of Experimental Vid Show
Death & Dying
Genealogy of Vidding
Life, the Universe and Everything
Live Action/Anime Vidpairs
Movie Vids
Nearly New first half - second half
Newbies Rock
Premieres - first half - second half
Relationships between Women
Saturday Morning Cartoons

For a suggested playlist formats (see sample playlist format from last year)

External Aesthetics jic notes, butterfly notes,[info]par_avion notes
Geneology of Vidding jic notes,[info]sdwolfpup notes, panelist notes here
Hip Hop Vidding sdwolfpup notes, heresluck offers hip hop playlists,  panelist notes
How Vids Work: A Theoretical Framework (Experimental Vid related panel)  jic notes
In-Depth Vid Review
Movie Vids
Newbie Vidding
Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility  par_avion notes
Vid Structure  jic notes, butterfly notes
Vidding Tech
Why Vid? jic notes

New! Convention Reports (collected here by elke_tanzer)


We have google spreadsheets for all the shows this year, so we can make them public or at least access for anyone who wants to assign links.
wheee! I'll update the post above
I have the list with links almost done for Relationships Between Women, and will try to post it later tonight or tomorrow.
I swear I commented last night -- maybe LJ ate it. I will do vidpairs.
Just posted Newbies Rock with links.
OK, you're on for Club Vivid. drop a note to absolutedestiny if you want the spreadsheet.
grabbing best of media west
grabbing genealogy of vidding
I really want to do a post on my Can't Live With 'Em show and talk about all the vids & why I love them (as well as link to the online version, of course) but it might take me another week, as I am visiting friends in Texas and don't want to hog their computers the whole time.
yes! start with the first half? I had asked for the spreadsheets but I know AD is busy.

ps. I see killa gave a link to her premiere vid.
elynross, I dropped you a line in e-mail regarding the spreadsheet, regarding a query.
? I don;t think your message went to ellen - it went to me. absolutedestiny has access to the spreadshseets as well.
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