Morgan Dawn (morgandawn) wrote in vidding,
Morgan Dawn

Vidding: iMeem Vid Removal

Several vidders have noticed removal of a few vids hosted on iMeem. No notices were given to the vidders and the removal has been very inconsistent. There has been some worry that this may be a result of IP issues and possibly that iMeem is scanning for vids. Imeem has implemented a new audio fingerprinting system. The way it works: you upload your song. It can take up to 24hrs to check their database. If it is a song that they have the license to stream, it goes up and anyone can listen to it. If not, the song still goes up but only you can listen to it when logged in. The rest of the world gets only a 30sec preview. This came as a result of the Warner Bros lawsuit and settlement (you can now fully stream any warner bros song).

iMeem was looking into - but had not yet announced- a video fingerprinting system that would do the same.

Given that none of the 6++ vidders have received any notification and that the deletions happened only after the site wide 'upgrade' to the iMeem web video player, I am hoping it is more of a glitch.* Laura has posted a question in the iMeem feedback forum so keep an eye out there to see how (or if) iMeem responds. And if you're a vidder whose vid was removed and you get a notice or hear back from iMeem, please post about it here. edited 8/15/07 - another thread asking about the mysteriously deleting videos was started here. still no response from iMeem. *note that when iMeem began implementing the audio fingerprinting system, not all unauthorized songs that had already been uploaded to the site were deleted - they were left up and capped at 30sec.

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