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Linking to Imeem?

I have a quick question to the vidders who put their material up on Imeem: Do you feel your material is now public and can be linked from anywhere?

Because here's the thing: I'm a firm believer in layered public spaces online (i.e., not all public posts are equally public, for example) and I remember that one of the reasons Imeem seemed like a good space for vidders was (among many other, probably more important ones) that it wasn't Youtube, i.e., that it wasn't as popular, as well known, as exposed.

In my scholarship I treat LJ as a to be protected space (and I know many people disagree with me on that, but that's OK. I'd rather not link to an entry that would make a fellow fan unhappy, and I can cite without direct linking), and I've always thought of Imeem in a similar vein: a space where vids are public but not fully exposed, i.e., I'd have no problem showing a vid from there in my class or reccing it to a friend, but I'd be much more hesitant posting it in a comment at BoingBoing or Making Light.

And that would go for any vid there, since all the vids are so closely interlinked via playlists. So even if I linked to a vid where I'd spoken to the vidder and knew she had no problem with it, I'd hesitate. I made a long intro rec post last month, which I've sent to two male acafans but have felt uncomfortable posting in a more public non-LJ space, for example.

Enter the machinima vs vidding debate in Jenkins's blog (the second installment in a summer long engagement of male and female acafans on issues of gender and fan studies), Part One and Part Two is up and the second one should come momentarily. While Robert actually links to a bunch of machinima sites (most of them public and fairly official!), Louisa doesn't link to vids (well, she's linking to one in the second part but purposefully not on Imeem).

mecurtin suggests here that vids should have gotten linked directly and that Imeem is in fact there for that very reason.

Thing is, that blog is pretty damn public, geared at industry folks and not just fans and acafans. So, my question to you: should there have been links to Imeem? Are we just ridiculously overcautious and overprotective and y'all are perfectly fine having those links in very public arenas? Do you, as a vidder who has her vids up on Imeem, feel that this is OK, that you're comfortable having those links to your vids "out there" (like, *really* out there :)?

I feel like the rules are constantly changing, and at the moment I'm not sure any more how much or how little publicity/exposure is OK. Help, please :)
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