Morgan Dawn (morgandawn) wrote in vidding,
Morgan Dawn

Alert: Imeem Targeted In Warner Brothers Suit

Warner Music Group Corp. is suing the operators of the social-networking site Imeem, claiming the portal enables millions to share its artists' music and video content without permission. WMG seeks up to $150,000 for each unauthorized music video or song posted on the Web site.

This includes subsidiaries such as: Atlantic Recording Corp., Elektra Entertainment Group Inc., and Warner Bros. Records Inc. The article also notes: "Last fall, Universal Music Group filed a similar complaint against That lawsuit is still pending."

My thoughts: if you have uploaded music owned by these companies, let iMeem respond and inform you if they want/need the music to be removed.  If you are totally risk adverse,  you may want to consider taking the music down on your own.

Tags: all: copyright, all: streaming sites: imeem youtube

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