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love and pop black

absolutedestiny in vidding

[vid] Shiki-Jitsu exposition

I'd be surprised if anyone here had seen this movie, but obscurity can be a bonus sometimes :)

Shiki-Jitsu is a Japanese movie about a severely messed up girl and a guy who becomes fascinated with her. Those who have seen the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion will be familiar with the director Hideaki Anno - this was his second feature film.

The video is pretty simple and was made to show off some very interesting stylistic work from Anno. Most of the visual oddities in this are features of the source (I've only used cuts and opacity changes in this video) so it should give you an idea of how perculiar this movie is :)

As it happens this is the first live action video I made, almost exactly a year ago. Enjoy.

Music: Burn by The Cure (from The Crow soundtrack)
Duration: 3:56
Codec: Divx5 compatible (mp3 audio)
HQ File: AbsoluteDestiny-Burn.avi (43mb)

or get the low quality version: AbsoluteDestiny-Burn.rmvb (15mb RealVideo 10)


That is indeed very peculiar. You did a good job bringing across how fucked up it is, LOL!

So I haev to ask - what's with all the red things?
I dunno, she likes red? :)

There's hundreds of red umbrellas because she always likes to have one near her so she can hide under one when she gets scared.
This is very cool. All that surreal imagery from the movie really works great in a video. And you definitely didn't need to add any kind of effects, lol! I love it when people vid obscure films. You've got me curious about this one. I'm gonna have to track down a copy now. Great job :)
Very good! Makes my AMVs seem like pure CRAP. XP But I like that feeling because I know there's someone out there that makes up for my crappiness.


Wish I could see it.

I don't seem to have a program that will play the video. It sounds really cool though and I like the song which was the only thing I was able to get from it.
The page doesn't seem to work. Is there some other way I could get it?
Thanks! :D
Link fixed :)

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks! I just watched it and it's great! Perhaps you could tell me a little bit about making music videos? I wanna try it too! :)
Sorry, I forgot to log in but it was me who commented. :)
You definitely get the sense of some kind of tortured entanglement going on here. Good job, and nicely produced!
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