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Streaming vs Downloads

I've been reading vidding meta all night and still haven't come any closer to understanding the exodus to streaming sites like You Tube and Imeem. I've read "Can't Stop the Signal". I've read "The Next Generation?" I've even read "You Tube not Safe" but yet, no one has explained the major change from downloads to streaming. I feel like everyone got invited to an after work party and I just didn't get the memo.

I'm not trying to be snarky or sarcastic. I honestly don't understand. I wouldn't be wasting your time otherwise.

As a vid watcher I get it. You can watch a vid and if you don't like it, just click back and forget it. But from a vidder perspective, I'm baffled. Why spend hours upon hours upon hours of hard (though not back breaking) work to get the very best picture quality and a visually stunning piece of art, only to upload it so that everyone has to watch it in this tiny box? Or, with YT, enlarge it until it looks horrible.

It's getting harder and harder to find download links. I'll admit I certainly don't mind when a vidder posts both a streaming and a download version. That does allow me to watch, see if I like it, and then download. Though a lot of times I'll still reach for the download and ignore the streaming completely. Problem is it's becoming more and more prevalent to have to request a download version. And sometimes trying to watch is a pain in itself. I have a pretty fast connection but not a day goes by that I try to watch a streaming vid and have it stop several times while I'm watching it. Either that or it doesn't load at all. After a few attempts, I just give up and forget about it.

Has anyone noticed if certain areas of the vidding fandom are more prone to streaming than others? Maybe I'm just finding myself in streaming waters and the download fen are just a hop, skip, and a jump away?

What also puzzles me is that posting to these streaming sites doesn't necessarily equal more feedback. Yes, yes, we vid for our own enjoyment but feedback is nice too.

So with very little effect on fb, lower visual quality, sometimes it is just a pain to watch....what is the allure to vidders? What am I missing?
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