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May. 28th, 2019

Fair Use


[sticky post] Vidding Community on Dreamwidth

We have set up a separate vidding community on Dreamwidth. It is not a mirror of this community

Where can you find more vidding talk? (updated May 28, 2019)

Aug. 15th, 2019

christiane f: hair blowing


Vid: Adored

Title: Adored
Fandom: Christiane F. (1981 film)
Music: I Wanna Be Adored (Stone Roses cover by the Raveonettes)
Characters/Pairing: Christiane, Detlef, a very dysfunctional Christiane/Detlef
Summary: Descent from innocence.
Warnings: Implied drug use, implied sexual assault

Aug. 13th, 2019


Contest FreeCon 2019 [Deadline: 10.10.2019]

We invite all clipmakers to take part in our new video-clip competition on CreaSpace.ru. Any self-made video clip based on films, games, sports etc., can be submitted to the contest (only anime are restricted). No restrictions on music styles and genres of video. No registration needed. Submit deadline is 10 October 2019. Prize fund: ~500$. We accept exclusive videos only, the ones which were not shown online before the contest. If a link to Youtube and Vimeo is provided (it must be "unlisted" video before premiere), the broadcast of the contest video will be conducted directly from your channel.

Detailed rules: http://creaspace.ru/forum/topic.php?topic_id=3933

Winners of some previous contests:

CreaCon 2008: Toster - Doom In Da Mist
CreaCon 2009: Trampler - Dead As History
CreaCon 2010: Safira - New Divide
CreaCon 2011: Samuel - Burning Shadow
CreaCon 2012: Norlack - Doomsday: Lost Home
CreaCon 2013: -Faith- - Falling Earth
CreaCon 2014: Benjamin - Secrets
CreaCon 2015: Benjamin - Beyond Us
CreaCon 2016: UFец - Desert Storm
CreaCon 2017: UFец - Tropic Heat
CreaCon 2018: Samuel - Clones
CreaCon 2019: Илья Чижов - Natural Shot

Aug. 4th, 2019



New Vid: Gotham "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All"

Title: Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Fandom: Gotham
Music: Making Love Out Of Nothing At All by Air Supply
Characters/Pairing: Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock; Jim Gordon/Harvey Bullock
Summary: The beating of my heart is a drum, and it's lost, And it's looking for a rhythm like you
Warnings: some violence

download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Jul. 22nd, 2019


VID: Hallelujah (Good Omens)

title Hallelujah
fandom: Good Omens
music: Hallelujah, cover by Pentatonix
characters: Aziraphale/Crowley
summary: there's a blaze of light in every word / it doesn't matter which you heard / the holy or the broken hallelujah
content notes: brief shot of a snake; brief shot of a nail being driven into someone's wrist

link: dreamwidth

Jul. 7th, 2019


[Question] Looking for source material sharing groups/communities/pages/etc.

Hi there dear Vidding Community,

I'm new to this journal though not new to vidding and I did browse around this very useful page and links but I couldn't find what I'm looking for (apologize if I missed it), my question is, does somewhere a community/page/etc. exist that concentrates (or allows to) post source material sharing for/by vidders?

What I mean with source material sharing is not full videos, rather scene-packages and the like ("All [CHARACTER NAME] Scenes from S1", "All [OTP] Moments S1E4", etc.). We all know the most annoying and time intensive part of the process (especially when entering a new obession fandom) is cutting the scenes we want to use in videos, especially if the source material is huge (series that went on for a long time, long movies, etc.) or/and if the HQ vid downloaded first needs a different format (mkv...our lovely friend). So I've been looking for a place where fellow vidders can share or collaborate on sharing scene-packages (you do Scenes X in Ep1-5, I do Ep 6-10, etc.) or something similar.

Any input/help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy Sunday!

Jun. 29th, 2019


VID: Killer Queen (Good Omens)

title Killer Queen
fandom: Good Omens
music: Killer Queen by...Queen
characters: Agnes Nutter, Anathema Device and the Book
summary: Extraordinarily nice. (Nice: /naɪs/ [adjective] scrupulously exact)
content notes: some fast cutting throughout the vid

link: dreamwidth

Jun. 17th, 2019


VID: Mass in B Minor (Good Omens)

title Mass in B Minor
fandom: Good Omens
music: Mass in B Minor by J. S. Bach
summary: Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy) - an examination of the theological arguments, biblical concepts and questions of morality touched on in Good Omens
content notes: some fast cutting in a couple of places, around 1:33 and 2:18

post on dreamwidth


VID: One Prairie Outpost (Star Trek)

title One Prairie Outpost
fandom: Star Trek (TNG, DS9 & VOY)
music: One Prairie Outpost by Carbon Leaf
summary: Alone in a flatland 'tween the dream and the real
content notes: some flashing lights; a shot of someone's palm being cut

post on dreamwidth

Jun. 15th, 2019


Supernatural vid: Thank You

Title: The Mixtape
Vidder: noiproksa
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Thank You by Led Zeppelin
Characters/Pairings: Castiel & Dean
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Castiel is not used to being ‘alone’ inside his own head. The absence of the constant chatter from ‘Angel radio’ leaves him struggling to adjust. Luckily, Dean has got his back, as always. For the prompt: Castiel is listening to the mixtape for the first time.

You have to scroll to the bottom for the vid.


Jun. 10th, 2019


New Vid: One Line - Game of Thrones Jaime/Brienne

Music: One Line by PJ Harvey
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Summary: And I draw a line to your heart today, to your heart from mine, a line to keep us safe


Jun. 8th, 2019



OUAT Vid: Rumplestiltskin

Vid: OUAT Rumplestiltskin
Summary: Nothing But the Imp

OUAT Rumplestiltskin Nothing But the Imp from Festivids Vids on Vimeo.

Jun. 2nd, 2019



RTA: Izzy Pettibone

Character Study of Izzy Pettibone from Road to Avonlea

Embed under cutCollapse )

May. 20th, 2019

the library


Ant-Man Vid: Flicker

fandom: Ant-Man and the Wasp / MCU
character: Ava Starr
music: Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

I'm a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm / And the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold

embed, notes and download @ AO3 / DW

May. 14th, 2019



New Vid: Teen Wolf "Dream Lover"

Title: Dream Lover
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Music: Dream Lover by Bobby Darin
Characters/Pairing: Derek, Stiles; Derek/Stiles
Summary: a girl to hold in my arms and know the magic of her charms or Stiles just wants to know the magic of Derek's charms
Warnings: none

download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

May. 12th, 2019

the library


Yuri on Ice vid: I LOVE IT (ensemble + Victuuri)

I crashed my car into the bridge

I don’t care, I love it

fandom: yuri!!! on ice - ensemble vid
music: i love it by icona pop

embed, notes and download @ AO3 / DW

Apr. 28th, 2019



New Vid: Velvet Goldmine "Try To Feel The Beat"

Title: Try To Feel The Beat
Fandom: Velvet Goldmine
Music: Eet by Regina Spektor
Characters/Pairings: Brian Slade, Mandy Slade, Curt Wild, Brian Slade/Mandy Slade, Brian Slade/Curt Wild, Mandy Slade & Curt Wild
Summary: it's like forgetting the words to your favorite song
Notes: some fast cuts and flashes (flash photography in the source)

here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Mar. 31st, 2019



New Vid: Teen Wolf "Zebra"

Title: Zebra
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Music: Zebra by John Butler Trio
Characters: Stiles, Scott, Derek, Lydia, Sheriff Stilinski, ensemble; with a hint of Derek/Stiles
Summary: "What the hell is a Stiles?" Let me try to answer this.
Warnings: some violence

streaming and download here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Mar. 30th, 2019



OUAT Vid: August Booth (Pinocchio)

Character study of August Booth (Pinocchio) from Once Upon a Time
Song: Boy On a Strong by Jars of Clay

Mar. 24th, 2019



Peaky Blinders (Tommy/Grace) | bring me a dream

Title: bring me a dream
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Song: Mr. Sandman | Artist: SYML
Category: romance
Characters/Pairings: Tommy/Grace
Length: ~2:40
Summary: With the life he leads, even Tommy's best dreams inevitably become nightmares.
A/N: I totally fell in love with these two by episode 1x02. Couple that with the aesthetically gorgeous cinematography/directing of the series, the general gorgeousness of the actors, and the serious Tommy/Grace vibes that I got from the song, and I just had to make the vid!


Any feedback appreciated! :)

Mar. 20th, 2019

Doctor Who - Ten plus Donna


"...Are Made of This" (Lois/Clark, Superman)

Both a shipper vid and just some prime choice, straight-up Henry Cavill!Superman eye candy, made for my mom's birthday. ;)

Song: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by The Eurythmics
Characters/Fandom: Clark Kent/Lois Lane, Superman
Spoilers/warnings: General spoilers for Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League
Length/size: 2:01 (116 MB WMV)

If you watch, I hope you enjoy! :D

Links available at my creative comm

Mar. 6th, 2019



problem with NTSC DVD source in Vegas

Hi everyone,

I hope somebody can help me. I usually use .VOB files in Vegas which works fine. However, I now encountered a problem I've encountered before where the clips on the timeline keep stuttering/looping and these stutters and loops keep changing. Last time I powered through and recut and recut clips, but it was a nightmare and I don't want to do it again.

The DVDs are region 2+4, but the format is NTSC. I started one Vegas project where I chose NTSC and one where I chose PAL in the beginning in both versions these stutters occur. It's hard to describe, the clip is like frame, frame, repeated frame, frame, frame, different repeated frame and so on, sometimes with frames being repeated that are quite far removed from the recent frames. And like I said this keeps changing and it gets worse.

I use DVDshrink for ripping.

I'm open to all suggestions, I will change my ways of clipping/ripping/converting, I am desperate. I really want to make this vid and I don't want the process of making it be horrible.

Thank you!!

Mar. 5th, 2019



Two Festivids: Blues Brothers + 00 Schneider

Title: Don't Stop Me Now
Fandom: Blues Brothers
Music: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
Characters: Jake, Elwood, ensemble
Summary: don't stop us now, we're having such a good time
Warnings: none

here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Title: Fluktuation 9
Fandom: 00 Schneider - Jagt auf Nihil Baxter
Music: Pink Panther Theme
Summary: Oh, you're interested in art. Well, this is a very nice piece.
Warnings: none

here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Feb. 15th, 2019


Festivids 2018: Archer || Woo Hoo!

Title: Woo Hoo!
Artist: The
Vidder: meivocis
Footage: Archer [FX]
Length: 1.45 minutes

Made for Rokikurama.

LJ | DW | AO3


Jan. 1st, 2019



New Vid: Venom "Still The One (that's in love with you)"

Title: still the one
Fandom: Venom
Music: still the one by Ingrid Michaelson
Characters/Pairing: Eddie/Venom
Summary: you saved my life, I'll save yours too
Notes: some violence, but also very fluffy, I think

streaming + download here on AO3, here on lj and here on dw

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