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Feb. 21st, 2018

Fair Use


Youtube Country Blocking and Complete Take-down Notices

Yes it is worth disputing.  Sometimes just filing the initial dispute will resolve it. Here is a great write up of a vidder who went the entire distance. Even if you want to only fill out the initial paperwork, it will help.
In the meantime, here's what you do
1. Create an AO3 account. You will use this to embed your vids and link to it in your vids posts.  This is where people will leave you comments and feedback...that way, if your vid is taken down,  you only need to update the new in one location (your AO3 post). And your comments and kudos won't get deleted.
2. Host your vid in two locations  - vimeo or vidders.net can be one. The other should be Critical Commons. I'd embed Vimeo/Vidders.net and add Critical Commons  as a link to any vids post. If the vid is blocked in only a few countries, add a link to your AO3 placeholder in the notes section (If your vid is blocked in X and Y country, head over here for alternatives). Critical Commons info: http://www.transformativeworks.org/critical-commons/
3. Touch bases with Vidders.net about backing up your entire YouTube channel - including comments.


Blocked YouTube vid

Hello, I've just discovered that one of my vids has been blocked on YT because of the music. I don't vid very often and this vid is two years old, but I guess I woke a dragon.

Still, it's a bit gutting. I'm not sure what to do now - is there somewhere else I can post it? Should I bother to dispute it? Start a Tumblr/Vimeo account? idk


Feb. 12th, 2018



New Vids: Adventures of Robin Hood + Arrival

Made for Festivids 2017

Title: Not Gonna Take It
Fandom: Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
Music: We're not gonna take it by Twisted Sister
Characters: ensemble
Summary: oh, we're not gonna take it anymore
Warnings: some violence

download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Title: Human of the Year
Fandom: Arrival
Music: Human of the Year by Regina Spektor
Characters: Louise Banks
Summary: and though they do not know it all mankind are now your brothers
Warnings: none

download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Feb. 9th, 2018



Festivids 2017

Enjoy my two videos I made for Festivids this year.

Much Ado About Nothing



Feb. 10th, 2018


The Legend of Kolovrat

Fandom: The Legend of Kolovrat
Characters: Kolovrat
Vidder: Longren


Feb. 3rd, 2018

[DLM] The Gang


So Sad, So Lonely | Mason (Dead Like Me) Fanvid

Title: So S ad, So Lonel y
Fandom: Dead Like Me
Song: So Sad, So Lonely | Artist: Matchbox 20
Category: character study
Characters/Pairings: Mason
Length: ~3:07
Summary:  "I don't want nobody. Nobody don't want me. I'm so sad, so lonely. And I'm always landing on my feet."
Meet Mason: a degenerate, pathetic, and overall, hot mess, of a grim reaper. (And we can't help but love him for it!)
A/N: Made for Festivids '17-'18.

[SPN] Castiel: pretty blue eyes


Run Girl Run {A Shoshanna Dreyfus Fanvid}

Title: Run Girl Run
Fandom: Inglourious Basterds
Song: Run Boy Run | Artist: Woodkid
Category: character study
Characters/Pairings: Shoshanna Dreyfus
Length: ~1:26
Summary:  "Running is a victory." → Shoshanna may have had to run, but it doesn't stop her from getting her revenge.
A/N: Made for Festivids '17-'18.


Feb. 2nd, 2018


VID: If I Ever Leave This World Alive (Doctor Who, Twelfth & Thirteenth Doctor)

title If I Ever Leave This World Alive
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: Twelve, Thirteen, One (with guest appearances from Bill, Clara et al)
music: If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly
summary: Wherever I am, you'll always be / More than just a memory
content notes: Two bright white flashes at 0:39 seconds in
link: dreamwidth / livejournal


Illusion || Mary and Arthur. AHS fanvid

Fandom: American Horror Story. Asylum
Characters: Sister Mary Eunice, Arthur Arden
Song: VNV Nation - Illusion (my cover)
Vidder: Longren


Jan. 29th, 2018



signal boost for vid submission to Escapade vid show

Escapade Vid Show - Call for Vids!

Over the past 27 years, the Escapade vid show has been managed by such amazing fans as Kandy Fong, Katharine S., feochadn, and Killa. This year it will be curated and assembled by smutcutter, with onsite production by feochadn and vidder outreach by ride_4ever.

Please consider sending your vids to be included in the Escapade 2018 vid show. Slashy or shippy vids especially welcome (gen also accepted). Recent Festivids participants very much encouraged to participate!

The deadline for vid upload is 2/5/18.

Vidders attending Escapade get to see your vids on the big screen (and bask in the applause), but if you can’t make it to the convention, you will still be acknowledged at the vid show, and you will be sent a copy of the convention DVD.

Click here for more information on the vid show and submission instructions.

Jan. 14th, 2018


Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann || Dark [fanvid]

Fandom: Dark
Characters: Ulrich Nielsen, Katherine Nielsen, Hannah Kahnwald
Song: Nena & Kim Wilde - Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann (Longren remix)
Vidder: Longren


Jan. 13th, 2018

wf || sharon --> lipstick


Vid: "All That Money" [Gotham, Bruce Wayne]

Title: All That Money (OR How Baby Batman Learned to Start Punching His Problems)
Vidder: absinthe_spoons
Fandom: Gotham (FOX)
Music: "Dazzle" by Oh Wonder
Characters/Pairing: Bruce Wayne
Warnings: Spoilers for series up to & including 4x11.

Jan. 3rd, 2018

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven


A Fine Arts video - Illustrations of Adoration of the Magi done to "O Magnum Mysterium"

I'm still experimenting. What I want to do is an art series and it occurred to me you might find this interesting, as well. The music is a similar arrangement to one that I sung in high school choir, this one sung by The Boys of St Paul's Choir School, so it hits a deep memory for me. What I found interesting in making it was that you lose all impact if you try to show entire paintings, and this sort of thing seems to be most effective when you concentrate on closeups.

3 1/2 min

With best wishes to all for a wonderful New Year. Mary

Dec. 31st, 2017


Master of Mayhem || Blood Frive

Fandom: Blood Drive
Characters: Julian Slink
Song: Longren - Why?
Vidder: Longren

Primeval - Sarah happy place


"Him and I" (Lucas/Skye | Lucket, Terra Nova)

"I am his and he is mine..." A bit of a dark!Skye Lucket vid.

Song: "Him and I" by G-Eazy and Halsey
Characters/Fandom: Lucas/Skye, Terra Nova
Spoilers/warnings: None
Length/size: 1:07 (62 MB WMV)

V/N: This feels almost like a contrast piece to my previous Lucket vid, "Savin' Me," where instead of Skye leading Lucas into being good, in this one she follows him into being bad. ;) I'll always love the "what-if's" with these two, what can I say? ;)

And yes, I did completely edit G-Eazy out of his own song. Sorry? ;)

If you watch, I hope you enjoy! :D

Links available at my creative comm ♥♥♥


Dec. 30th, 2017

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven


A bunch of memorial videos up in my New Years Playlist - Alan Rickman, John Hurt, etc.

Galaxy Quest - Alan Rickman Memorial - Auld Lang Syne - Stephen Bishop

Dr Who - Sir John Hurt Memorial - Auld Lang Syne - Mitch Miller

Blakes 7 - Gareth Thomas Memorial - Auld Lang Syne - Susan Boyle

And a bunch of older ones.

Dec. 25th, 2017


Grace d'Argento Tribute || Blood Drive

Fandom: Blood Drive
Characters: Grace d'Argento
Song: Longren - noname  music
Vidder: Longren


Dec. 24th, 2017


Chuck & Sarah - Find a Way

Fandom: Chuck (tv, nbc)
Pairing: Chuck/Sarah (charah)
Song: Find a Way by Safetysuit
Program: PowerDirector 15
Quote: "I am gonna get this thing out of my head, one day. I will. And when I do, I'm gonna live the life I want, with the girl that I love."


Dec. 17th, 2017

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven


For Scarecrow & Mrs King, "Silent Night" by Celtic Woman

For Scarecrow & Mrs King, "Silent Night" by Celtic Woman, and the cast from The Long Christmas Eve episode

There are 75 Christmas videos currently on the site, in the Christmas playlist:

All my love for a very Happy Christmas. Mary


New Vid: Lethal Weapon (tv) "Hummingbird"

Title: Hummingbird
Fandom: Lethal Weapon (tv)
Music: Hummingbird by Kyla La Grange
Characters: Roger Murtaugh, Martin Riggs, Miranda Riggs, Trish Murtaugh, Murtaugh family
Summary: don't let me let you down
Warnings: suicidal thoughts/actions

Notes: I love this show and I needed something angsty yet fluffy with a happy ending in order to cope with all my feelings.

Download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3.

Dec. 12th, 2017


Baron Quinn Tribute || Into The Badlands

Fandom: Into The Badlands
Characters: Baron Quinn, Sunny
Song: 95TurboSol - Totem
Vidder: Longren

see this vid in my LJ


Dec. 11th, 2017

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven


"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" for Ice Age

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" for Ice Age

It didn't say on the Christmas album who the artist was.

There are 75 Christmas videos currently on the site, in the Christmas playlist:

There are videos of me being interviewed by Bryant Gumbel and other videos from my work with a Vassar professor proving Henry Livingston wrote Night Before Christmas and not Clement Moore on the Henry Livingston playlist:


But literary analysis, while it can be convincing, doesn't prove the case. So I worked with a New Zealand emeritus professor to PROVE the case with statistical analysis of where your tongue moves in your mouth when reciting the poetry of Livingston and Moore aloud. The statistics PROVE Moore couldn't have written NBC, while Livingston could. Jackson put out his book last year and I put out 3, translating academic peer-speak into English.

I've been sloppy about putting up videos to download on my site because few people seem to download any more. Videos that are blocked on YouTube are on the site for downloading. If there's anything you want downloaded that isn't there, let me know. Click to appropriate fandom to get download. Best, Mary

Dec. 9th, 2017


The Widow vs. Tilda || Into The Badlands

Fandom: Into The Badlands
Characters: The Widow, Tilda
Song: Ginger Snap5 - Polaris
Vidder: Longren
see this vid in my LJ


Dec. 6th, 2017


Shadow Ghost In The Shell

Fandom: Ghost In The Shell
Characters and Ship: Kusanagi Motoko
Song: Ginger Snap5 - Shadow gHost
Vidder: Longren

see this vid in my LJ


Dec. 2nd, 2017

FK made of win


due South vid by AurumCalendula

Fandom: due South
Characters and Ship: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Song: "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls
Vidder: AurumCalendula

I had an idea about the song "Iris (I Just Want You to Know Who I Am)" being a RayK POV song with canon dialogue interspersed, and AurumCalendula vidded it for me as a VividCon auction vid.

See this lovely vid on AO3.

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